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Alternatively check out our most frequently asked questions below, you may find the answer you are looking for!

common faqs

How do I enter the Pie Awards?

All information required to enter the New Zealand Bakels Supreme Pie Awards can be found here.

What are the rules for entry?

All our rules and Conditions of Entry can be found here.

I don’t have a Bakels sale rep. What do I do?

Call us on 0800 PIE LINE (0800 743 546) or email us at sales@nzbakels.co.nz

Can I enter a category more than once?

No, you may only enter a category once, producing two exact pies for that category. But you may enter more than one category, except if you are entering the Café Boutique category. See our Conditions of Entry here.

I didn’t receive my pie boxes, what do I do?

Contact your local sales rep or call us on 0800 PIE LINE (0800 743 546)

Why do pies need to be cold before shipping?

Pies need to be cooled/cold as they are more fragile when hot/warm, and this could jeopardize the appearance on arrival to New Zealand Bakels. Also with the heat the pastry fat leaches into the box & could potentially weaken the box.

When will I receive awards point of sale material?

Your local sales rep will deliver all awards display material to you after registration. Contact your sales rep for more specific delivery times.

How does judging work, and can I watch the judging process?

Judging is closed to the public and entrants. You can find information on the judging process here.

Who gets invited to the pie awards?

All entrants who place gold will be invited to the awards ceremony.

When do the results get published?

Results will be published on the website at the conclusion of the awards ceremony. But you can get live updates during the awards night via our social media channel. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram.