2024 New Zealand Bakels Supreme Pie Awards – Important Dates



Entry forms are due.

Contact your local rep if you need assistance.



Pies are due for judging.

Ensure pies arrive between July 23 and 24, 2024



Judging takes place.

1000’s of pies are tasted by 4 esteemed judges.



Results are announced.

Keep a look out for your name in big shiny letters!


These awards have become the largest event for New Zealand bakers, drawing entries from across the country annually. The significant media support and public interest ensure winners gain increased sales opportunities and industry recognition. All entrants will be acknowledged with window stickers, while winners will receive award winner stickers and framed certificates to display, further solidifying their achievement in the industry.

Pie categories

Pie categories

To enter means you will be sure to find your area to shine!
Total awards

Total awards

Up for grabs, providing multiple opportunity to showcase your culinary excellence!
[TotalPrizeDollars] in prizes

$18,500 in prizes

With the top prize of $7,500 awarded to the Supreme winner.
Increased Sales

Increased Sales

Participating in the awards boosts exposure, attracting more customers
Industry Recognition

Industry Recognition

Elevate your bakery’s reputation and your skills as a master pie baker!
Media Coverage

Media Coverage

Extensive coverage of the pie awards ensures advertisement to a wide audience throughout NZ
Gold / Silver / Highly Commended recieve:

  • Framed awards certificates & window stickers
  • Industry recognition
  • Extensive media coverage

Gold winners also recieve:

  • A cheque for $1,000
  • An invitation for 2 to the Awards Dinner in Auckland

Supreme winners recieve:

  • The coveted Bakels New Zealand Supreme Award trophy
  • A cheque for an additional $7,500

Download PDF

Download printable Competition Information here


Step 1


We must receive your entry form by 27 June, 2024. If you need help entering contact your local sales rep.

enter here
Step 2


Bake 2 identical pies for each category you enter, then send them to us in the official pie box for that category.
Pie boxes will be mailed to you between 1 July to 9 July, 2024.

find baking tips here
Step 3


Once you have baked your pies and they are cold, pack entries securely and courier them to one of the addresses listed under Packing Pies.
We must receive your pies on Tuesday 23 July or Wednesday 24 July, 2024. 

where to send pies

All Pie Must Use the Tin Sizes Below:

Judging Criteria

The Judges will award points for your pies based on four criteria:

  1. PIE TOP
    Points for eating properties; controlled pastry lift, flavour profile; shape retention. 

    Points for shape retention; eating properties; flavour profile; machining properties; pie base thickness.

    Points for filling/gravy proportion – extender; texture; colour profile; flavour profile.

    Points for overall bake colour profile; evenness of bake; finishing – pastry top glaze; overall visual appeal. 

Who are the judges?

Pies in each category will be judged by a panel of independent industry experts. The 10 Gold Award winning pies will be re-judged from scratch for the Supreme Pie Award by a separate judging panel. The judging process will be monitored by an independent competition auditor.

Judges are not eligible to enter the competition.

What happens if one of my pies gets placed?

If one of your pies wins a Gold Award, making you eligible for the Supreme Pie Award, you will be contacted by phone the morning after completion of the judging. You will also receive an invitation for two people to attend the Awards Dinner in Auckland, where you will be presented with your Gold Award (or Awards).

The winner of the Bakels New Zealand Supreme Pie Award for the best pie of the competition will be announced after the presentation of the Gold Awards.

Silver, Bronze and Highly Commended Award winners will have their framed Award certificates couriered to them in the week following the Awards Dinner.


Once you have baked your pies, and they are cold, pack your pies securely in boxes provided and courier or deliver them to:

North Island Entries

NZ Bakels Limited

421-429 Church St East, Penrose, Auckland

North Island entries must
arrive between 8am and 5pm on either 23 July 2024, or 24 July 2024.

Central North Island Entries


33 Bouverie Street,
Petone, Wellington

Central North Island entries must arrive between 8am and 5pm 23 July 2024, or 8am and 11am 24 July 2024.

South Island Entries

NZ Bakels Limited

234 Annex Rd, Middleton, Christchurch

South Island entries must arrive between 8am and 5pm 23 July 2024, or 8am and 11am 24 July 2024.

Please do not send your pies by post. Early or late entries cannot be accepted.

Tips for baking a winning Pie!


  • Pies have a nice golden colour all over.
  • Has the pie been baked to perfection?
  • Does the pie have an attractive shine where permitted?


  • Has the pie kept its tin shape when cooled?
  • Has the pastry been rested and sheeted gently?
  • Is the pastry thickness just right, not too thin or too thick?
  • Ensure pie tins are clean.


  • Has the pastry risen evenly all over?
  • Has the pie top kept its pre-baked shape?
  • Is the pastry thickness just right, not too thick or too thin?

PIE FILLING (visual)

  • Is the filling balanced evenly, meat to gravy?
  • Is the filling a good consistency?
  • Does the filling look appealing?


  • Is the pie easy to eat, not too fat or too brittle?
  • Is the filling seasoned (or sweetened) perfectly?
  • Are the filling and pastry flavours well balanced?


  • Please weight your pies individually.
  • Overweight pies will be disqualified. So please double check your pie weights before sending – overweight pies have no chance of winning.

If you need help entering the 2024 New Zealand Bakels Supreme Pie Awards contact your local sales rep or call 0800 PIE LINE (0800 743 546) during office hours.