2024 New Zealand Bakels Supreme Pie Awards – Important Dates



Entry forms are due.

Contact your local rep if you need assistance.



Pies are due for judging.

Ensure pies arrive between July 23 and 24, 2024



Judging takes place.

1000’s of pies are tasted by 4 esteemed judges.



Results are announced.

Keep a look out for your name in big shiny letters!

About New zealand Bakels SUPREME Pie Awards

New Zealand Bakels is the sole sponsor of the Supreme Pie Awards.

The first Pie Awards was in 1996. Established to help the Baking industry to keep on constantly improving and innovating, the Bakels Supreme Pie Awards has now grown to around 600 entries and has become one of New Zealand’s most popular and prestigious food competitions.

In July judging takes place at Bakels. Experienced baking industry experts are joined by a celebrity judge to blind judge pies in 11 categories.

The Bakels New Zealadn Supreme Pie Awards

Gold medal winners from 10 of the 11 categories are then in contention for the Supreme Award. Presentations and celebrations take place a week after the judging day at an Awards night where all finalists are invited to attend.

NZ Bakels today is a modern progressive Company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of high quality raw materials for the baking industry.

Today there is a range of approximately 400 products covering a full range of Baking and Pastry cooking Ingredients and a committed dedicated staff of 100.

New & Noteworthy

Venison pie wins Torbay baker national Apprentice Award

Pie fan and apprentice baker, Beau Corric is known to search out unique flavours of pies just for the share delight of experiencing a new taste. His exploration has led to him winning the 2024 NZ...
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First year apprentice comes third in Apprentice Pie Maker Award

The mathematical symbol Pi made an impressive appearance at the Apprentice Pie Maker competition on June 12 when Benjamin Crosby of The Baker, Tirau caught the judges’ attention with his...
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NZ Bakels enlists two celebrity chef judges for Pie Awards

You may have watched Auckland restaurateur, Sid Sahrawat judging on MasterChef NZ, My Kitchen Rules, dined at his former restaurant, Sidart, or at Cassia, Anise, The French Café or Kol. But did...
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Conquering king reigns supreme!

New Zealand’s baking dynasty now has its king back on the throne with Patrick Lam of Patrick’s Pies Gold Star Bakery in Tauranga winning his eighth Bakels NZ Supreme Pie Award.
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Almost unbelievable phone call announces award win

When Amie Irwin’s cellphone rang she couldn’t quite believe what she was hearing. “You have won the Apprentice Pie Maker of the Year,” said the caller.
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Apprentice Pie Maker results

Congratulations to all the entrants of the 2023 Apprentice Pie Maker.
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Conquering King Reigns Supreme!


Patrick Lam of Patrick’s Pies Gold Star Bakery in Tauranga clinched his eighth Bakels NZ Supreme Pie Award, marking a triumphant return to the top spot in New Zealand's baking scene.

In this 25th year of the competition, Patrick impressed judges with his Roast Duck, Onion, and Mushroom pie in the Gourmet Meat category, garnering attention for its exceptional flavour and perfect balance. Despite fierce competition, Patrick's pies stood out, earning him the title of Pie King once again.

Gourmet Meat

Roast Duck, Onion & Mushrooms
Patrick's Pies
NZ Bakels Supreme Pie Trophy
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