Apprentice Pie Maker results

1 Mar 2023

1st: Amie Irwin (The Clareville Bakery)

Slow cooked lamb shoulder with rosemary, white wine, caramelised onion, and vintage cheese.

2nd: Beau Corric (Euro Patisserie Torbay)

Slow cooked venison, roasted vegetables, and cheese.

3rd: Connor Jones (The Baker Tirau)

BBQ whiskey brisket and jalapeno cheese.

4th: Amy Bryant (The Clareville Bakery)

Braised beef, streaky bacon, kumara mash, and cheese.

5th: John Matthew Silverio (Kai Pai Bakery)

Chicken, leek, bacon, and mushroom.

6th: Sophie Hocking-Hemmington (Bakery 22)

Mince, cheese, relish, mustard, onion, and pickle (cheeseburger).

7th: Brent Philpott (Kai Pai Bakery)

Pork belly, roasted vegetables, and creamy white sauce.

8th: Korbin Haeata-Fenwick (Rosebowl Bakery and Café)

Roast chicken, pumpkin, chicken gravy, sweet corn, peas, and cheese.

9th: Joanne Sands (Kai Pai Bakery)

Streak, mushroom, and read wine.

10th: Joshua Pascual (Kai Pai Bakery)

Roast chicken and vegetables with curry.

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