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  • Each bakery or pie manufacturer may register once with only a single entry in each category.
  • If you enter Café Boutique, you cannot enter another category
  • Entries close 24th June, 5pm
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The following applies to all pies, exceptions are noted in the table.

Tin sizes
Square:max 106mm
Round:max 113mm
Oval:max 130mm long
Top:flaky pastry
Bottom:pie base pastry
Most pies are 280g max overweight pies will not be judged.
No mushrooms - unless stated.
Select Category Max
280 g beef and/or mutton
280 gbeef and/or mutton
300 gbeef and/or mutton, potato top
vegetables and kumara allowed, cheese toppings
280 gdiced steak,vegetables permitted
no mushrooms
280 gdiced steak
280 gNo mushrooms
280 g mushrooms and vegetables allowed
short paste or boiled pastry allowed
280 g mushrooms allowed
vegan pies permitted
280 gmay contain cheese and/or tomato
280 gMince and Cheese - beef and/or mutton
Open to manufacturers of an average 60,000 or more pies per week
300 g Any filling sweet or savoury made on site, max 145mm round
pastry can be any type and bought in
I have read the terms and conditions printed in the 24th Annual Bakels New Zealand Supreme Pie Awards Call for Entries booklet and agree to abide by them.
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